NCI Fundraising

Throughout our history, NCI has continuously provided an excellent broadcast service within limited financial means. The Northern Native Broadcast Access Program (NNBAP) of the Department of Canadian Heritage funds our Native language evening programming. Our self-generated revenue funds the remainder of our operational costs. We earn this revenue from sources such as;

  • Radio advertising and the sale of commercial spots and program sponsorships. We have many great companies and agencies throughout Manitoba and nationally that advertise on NCI, sponsor your favourite NCI radio programs, and provide prize packages for all our great contests and prize giveaways. As well, sponsorship makes it possible for NCI to bring you exciting events such as the NCI Jam Talent Show, live concerts, and other great events across our province;
  • Purchased airtime for community events including live talent shows and gospel jam broadcasts. Talent shows primarily air on Friday nights, while gospel jams are aired on Saturday and Sunday evenings. This type of programming gives communities around Manitoba the unique opportunity to broadcast their own local shows across the province;
  • Media BINGO and hall BINGOS also contribute to NCI’s funding. NCI’s “Mini-Loonie Pot” is heard every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. Don’t forget, when you play any of NCI’s Bingo games you are directly contributing to the operational costs and growth of the NCI radio network.
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