Album Releases: February 11th, 2014

This week we have albums from ACM Award-Winner Eric Church; a second album from Frankie Ballard; and bluegrass/folk artist from Nashville Robert Ellis.

MI0003690688Eric Church is excited to share his 4th studio album, The Outsiders, with the world. The album shows what he band can really do, it touches on the emotional side as well as the rebellious side most are used to. Church says this record accomplishes what they “been trying to do all along.”

Genre: Country
Length: 50:42
Label: EMI Nashville
Producers: Jay Joyce

MI0003687226 Frankie Ballard took a different approach for his 2nd studio album, Sunshine & Whiskey. He says that it is a more personal album with songs that mean something to him but not to worry the album has party songs too.

Genre: Country
Length: 37:57
Label: Warner Bros.
Producers: Marshall Altman, Scott Hendricks and Michael Knox

MI0003686250Robert Ellis’  3rd studio album, The Lights from the Chemical Plant,  is modelled after the likes of Paul Simon and Randy Newman.

Genre: Bluegrass
Length: 53:59
Label: EMI New West
Producers: Jacquire King

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