Indigenous Music Countdown

Indigenous Music Countdown is a countdown program of the 40 best Indigenous Artists, airing every Saturday at 2pm with a re-run on Sundays at 2pm. You Can find the Indigenous Music Countdown on our website, Soundcloud!

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Adeline Bird, born in Rolling River First Nations, Manitoba, is born of Ojibwe and African descent. Her passion and drive for inspiring people to live more consciously, and, for storytelling, gave birth to her podcast “Soul Unexpected”. Her talent as a host has led her to hosting festivals such as “Spur Fest” and “Winnipeg Pride 2017”. She’s also featured in Huffington Post’s “Like A Tourist”, and was recently in the running for CBC Manitoba’s Future Leaders of Tomorrow Award. Adeline can be heard hosting the Indigenous Music Countdown, airing on NCI FM Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm!!

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