RCMP officer hurt as cruiser rear ends other driver

And these slippery driving conditions can be difficult even for the police.

Mounties in Amaranth say that one of their officers in a cruiser rear ended a Chevy Equinox just before noon on Tuesday.

Both the Equinox and the cruiser were following a snow plow at the time of the crash.

The early indication is that the driver behind the wheel of the Equinox braked for some reason leading to the Mountie hitting his rear bumper.

The crash sent the Equinox into the ditch. Neither the 72 year old man driving nor the 80 year old woman who was riding as a passenger were hurt.

The officer sustained some minor injuries as his cruiser spun on the road and ended up facing the wrong direction in the southbound lane.

— Garth Hilderman

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