Saskatchewan man arrested in Winnipeg for attempted abduction

A 27 year old man from Saskatchewan  has been arrested on suspicion of trying to abduct a 16 year old girl from a Winnipeg street.

Police allege that Julian Littlefoot approached the victim Monday afternoon, first by honking the horn of his SUV to get her attention.

When she kept walking, he stopped his vehicle at the corner of Main Street and St. John’s Avenue, grabbed her arm and tried to force her into the vehicle.

She broke free and ran.  Once safe, she called the police and was able to provide some information on about her would-be attacker.

About 45 minutes later, officers spotted a vehicle matching her description and pulled it over at the corner of Salter Street and Magnus Avenue.

Littlefoot was then arrested and taken into custody.  He has been charged with attempted kidnapping and assault with a weapon for allegedly throwing a plastic bottle at the teenage girl.

— Garth Hilderman


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