WPS: stolen keys account for most stolen cars

Police say that three out of every five vehicles stolen in Winnipeg last month were taken with owners practically handing over the keys.

There were 166 vehicles stolen in Winnipeg in December 2013 and in 101 cases (60%) the crooks were able to start the car by turning the key in the ignition.

In 52 cases, all the thief had to do was open the door and drive away.  That’s because the keys had been left in the ignition with the car running.

Another 15 thefts resulted from a criminal finding a spare key somewhere in the car before helping themselves to a ride.

And in 34 cases, keys were first taken from a jacket, purse or backpack that had been left unattended in a public place.

Police everyone not to ever leave their keys in an unattended vehicle, as even one that isn’t left running is a potentially easy target for a thief.

— Garth Hilderman


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