10 Fast Facts ’bout Stefan Richard

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HOLAY. EVER SICK. Someone told me I had to write a blog so I kept thinking about what I would write about then I realized I should probably write about myself seeing as no one really knows who I am or what I’d done before I started talking on the NCI airwaves in May 2018, plus people like this kind of clickbait-y stuff…


Okay, here we go, my name is Stefan Richard, I’m a member of the Sagkeeng First Nation. Here are 10 fast facts about me:

  • I grew up in Winnipeg. My Father is from Sagkeeng and my Mom’s family comes from Camperville & Riverton.
  • I have an 8 year old son, who is absolutely hilarious, I can see him being a comedian.
  • I used to be a Professional Wrestler. I had my first match in December 2002 at age 15 at Chalmers Community Club in Winnipeg.
  • I left wrestling in 2015 after I broke my nose twice, diagnosed with a concussion, tore my bicep, herniated the L4-L5 disc in my back and doctors discovered bone spurs in my neck ALL IN ONE YEAR.

    (Dat’s me, boy)
  • I got bit on the arm by a popular up-and-coming music artist, if you ever see me in person… I’ll tell you who it was.
  • I am a HUGE Prince fan and have a tattoo of Prince’s Love Symbol.
  • I used to take Japanese language lessons as a kid. (I got pretty good but I’ve forgotten most of it.)
  • Years ago, I used to do security at a Winnipeg nightclub, the house DJ used to let me get on the mic to promote the drink specials & introduce the live bands, after a few months a regular customer that worked in media said I needed to try to get into radio… Good advice I’d say.
  • Before starting with NCI FM, I hosted my own podcast called the Ever Sick! Podcast, it had almost 150 episodes, including 2 Live Shows. The podcast featured guests such as NHL Legend Reggie Leach, Hip Hop artist Drezus & Winnipeg Goldeyes GM Andrew Collier.
  • Also, I’m going to be the biggest radio host of all-time.


I guess we’ll close it off on a high note huh? I hope you learned a little something and I hope you’ll call me in the studio endlessly.


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