You’ve heard of the White Stripes; Well this is the White Walkers

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It’s all the rage right now! fans have been waiting over two years, but it’s finally here! 

and with it being the giant cultural phenomenon that it is, Inevitably people will get really creative with its content.
take for example this cover and remix of THE WHITE STRIPES song, Seven Nation Army.

With creative lyrics and a bass line to bump to, they talk about war in comedic fashion, with such lyrics as ” The color coming from our eyes, says were in control”

Scene for scene, beat for beat. The Undead Ice King is “killin it”.




The Merkins are a cover remix band who also covered Backstreet boys – I want it that way. But in a remix called “THE SLASHBOYS – I’LL KILL YOU THAT WAY”
That, you can find here.

[IMAGESOURCE: youtube]
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