Posting Too Many Selfies Makes You Look Like a Loser

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If you’ve been posting a ton of selfies of your AMAZING Labour Day weekend, we’ve got some unwelcome news: A new study at Washington State found that posting too many selfies makes you look like a LOSER.

Researchers had over 100 students look at 900 photos on social media. They rated the people who posted them without knowing anything else about who they were.

The people who posted a lot of selfies were rated as lonelier. . . less confident . . . less dependable . . . less successful . . . AND less likable overall.


The researchers also may have coined a new term: “POSIES” . . . as in photos you “pose” for instead of taking yourself. (A.k.a. . . . regular photographs.)

In the study, people who posted a lot of “posies” were consistently seen as more confident and more likable than people who posted selfies. (Seattle Times)


What is a “posie”? This is a posie.


Posies VS selfies



posie                                                        selfie

posie                                           selfie


Posie, selfie, does it really matter?  Go out, enjoy your life and have as much fun and as many experiences as you can.  You only have one life, live it passionately.


****Jordan Knight xoxo

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