3 Names On Pace For The Baseball HOF

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As a big baseball fan, specifically a big fan of baseball in the 1990’s and 2000’s, it makes me feel OLD when I see players that I idolized get inducted into the Hall of Fame, specifically Ken Griffey Jr… He was THE KID when I was a kid! Griffey got inducted in 2016 and now more of my 2000’s favorites are in line to be inducted.

The 2019 class is getting closer, according to Ryan Thibodaux’s Hall of Fame vote tracker, 228 votes of a possible 440 votes have been tallied for the 2019 class of the Baseball Hall of Fame and it looks as though, the late Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez & Mariano Rivera are on pace to get the election this year, while former Baltimore Oriole & Yankee pitcher Mike Mussina could also make it to the hall this year, judging by the midway point of votes. Mariano Rivera has secured all 228 votes and could be the very first player in history to gain unanimous election to the Hall of Fame, currently Ken Griffey Jr., is the closest to unanimous selection garnering 99.32% of the vote in 2016.

As a lifelong Yankee hater, I hate Rivera but I can’t argue with how incredible of a talent he was and probably still is. Edgar Martinez was a staple on the mid 90’s Seattle Mariners that wowed so many people with names like the afformentioned Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Jay Buhner, & Tino Martinez. Roy Halladay, the late Blue Jays legend, threw a no-hitter the night before my son was born, in fact, the front page of the newspapers in Winnipeg the day that my son was born was a shot of Roy Halladay celebrating his no-hitter as a member of the Phillies.

3 names that are definitely worthy of a spot in the Hall. Having experiences all this amazing baseball… I still feel old.

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