400 year old bonsai tree worth $127,000 is stolen!

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Over in Japan, the raising of bonsai trees is considered an art form in which individuals need expert skills to properly take care of.

Bonsai trees are miniature in nature and owners take these things very seriously.

These things are taken so seriously in fact, that they have their own beauty competition.

The couple who owned the Shimpaku tree says it has been in the family for over 400 years, and is very hopeful that the tree will be returned, but in the mean time they took to social media to implore the thieves to take very good care of the tree.

They do believe the thieves were experts however, because only the three most valuable bonsai’s were taken among a field of over three thousand others.

The couple says losing the tree is comparable to losing limbs. The tree was also slated to to take part in next months bonsai tree beauty competition.

Heres a few other most awesome Bonsai trees that have that wow factor:

Here’s one that’s 800 years old:

Here’s another one that is completely self supporting and is over 300 years old:


This one here is considered to be the most famous of the bonsai trees at over 100 years old:

[IMAGE SOURCE: Seiji Limura, Baba Mail]
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