44th Annual List of banished words is released.

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Over in Michigan state in America, wordsmiths from Lake Superior State University compile a list of words every year that are mis-used, over-used, and are often just generally useless.
Every year they get thousands of nominations, but only a few every year make it through.
Words are taken from every field of English speaking areas, from education, to advertising, to politics and even technology. The list now has over 1000 entries for all the “bad” words since 1975.

Words on this years list include:

-Wrap my head around

-In the books




-Most important election of our time

There ya have it. Over used, mis-used and useless words the University of Lake Superior would like to see less used.

If we made one for here in Manitoba it would probably include words like:

-no doubt


-ever sick

Who am I kidding, we’ll never stop using those words.

For the complete list of words  visit: https://www.lssu.edu/banished-words-list/

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