a giggle or two to get you through today

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From the minds of those who dare to think differently.




Vacuums are one of the only things that the more it sucks the better it is.


Velcro no matter what you think, it will always be a rip off.


Popcorn no matter what you think, will always be explosive.


Sunglasses; making you see less, so you can see more.


If you think about it, there are more people who have stood on the moon than your desk.


If you charge your phone with your car, that technically means your phone is being gas powered.


The brain is the most important organ…. according to the brain.

superheroes! They wear capes to hide the zipper on their onesies.


Watching paint dry would actually be interesting to see if you could see it happen on a molecular level.

If you woke up one day with the power to walk through walls, it would probably be a long time before you would find out.


Dropping a cup of coffee will wake you up more than drinking it.





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