A Manitoba Maze set to break the world record

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A Manitoba family responsible for the annual Maze in Corn, is now taking on challenge of breaking the world record for the worlds largest snow maze. A Maze in Snow which opened January 5th took nearly five weeks to complete with a team of nine people. The walls tower at six feet, six inches and features fire pits within the maze to warm up. It takes an average of forty minutes to an hour to complete.

The current record is 1700 feet and was set in 2015 in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
The planned record is to be for 4200 square feet .

Guinness World Records has been notified and will do the official measurement in the month of February.

The maze is located 30 kilometers south of Winnipeg in St. Adolphe.
For more information visit http://www.cornmaze.ca/

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