A room so quiet, it will drive you crazy!

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Little known fact, or maybe its wide known. who knows, but this room is so quiet, that it actually takes the opposite of noisy to a whole new level.


The room is located in Minnesota, at the Orfield Laboratories.
The creators invented it as a means of testing commercial products such as engines or different technologies.

However, the experience is quite the journey as the longest anyone has ever endured in the chamber is the short time frame of 4 minutes.
People who experience the quietest room in the world report starting to hear their own bodily functions, such as the heart beating or your stomach rumbling, even your lungs taking air in and out and the grinding of your bones when you move.

Turns out too, that sound has a lot to do with keeping balance;
people attempting to be in the room for more than a thirty minute period are made to sit in a chair.

If your unaware of the decibel range, Here’s a picture to describe a little more about it:


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