Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame

Many great Aboriginal artists have created a musical legacy within Manitoba, throughout Canada and many parts of the world. These musical pioneers have become role models as they have opened doors for generations of musicians after them. Their contributions deserve to be recognized and honoured both within the Aboriginal community and by our Province.

For this purpose, the Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame was officially launched by NCI Fm on April 1st, 2005 at the Manitoba Aboriginal Music Night celebration, which occurred at the Burton Cummings Theatre. The inaugural Hall of Fame was particularly significant because it took place during “Juno Week”.

To date, the Hall of Fame selection committee has voted to honour nine of Manitoba’s talented Aboriginal recording artists. The current list of inductees includes:

  • Ray St.Germain (Country performer/Television personality)
  • Ernest Monias (Country & Rock)
  • Errol Ranville (Country)
  • Honorary Inductee Lucille Starr (Pop & Country)
  • Len Fairchuck (Classic Country/Television host & producer)
  • Andy Dejarlis (Fiddle)
  • Reg Bouvette (Fiddle)
  • Robby Brass (Country)
  • Tom Jackson (Country & Folk)
  • Percy Tuesday
  • Billy Joe Green
  • Vince Fontaine (Musician, Producer)

NCI FM has three Hall of Fame display cases located in Winnipeg and a wall display of plaques with portraits in inductees. The display cases are viewed annually by an estimated 1000 students and guests who visit or tour our facility.

The selection committee notes that the above artists have made many historic contributions to Manitoba’s music industry and to the lives of Aboriginal people. Many artists have also weaved European styles of music with a distinct Aboriginal flair.

The creation of the Manitoba Aboriginal Hall of Fame was made possible by the generous support of the Manitoba Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism.

The Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame 

The first voice to sing in Manitoba was a Native voice. And for many centuries celebrations of the facets of life have been conveyed with a song. Elders have long explained that song carriers have always played an important role as custodians of culture. First Nation’s people today still recognize that music is a fight of the spirits. Among many First Nations, the words for sing is synonymous with the words pray or heal.

Manitoba’s Aboriginal community has been gifted with many song carriers who have provided us (First Nation & Métis people) with a reflection of who we are. Aboriginal musicians have knowingly and unknowingly cultivated a musical landscape where their voice or their song have offered a kind sanctuary, closely conveying a feeling of “Home”. Just as hundreds of years ago, today’s Aboriginal voices convey a sense of place and identity. This is why Manitoba’s Aboriginal musicians must be honoured.

The Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame (MAMHF) has been established to officially recognize and celebrate the musical legacy that exists within the province’s Aboriginal community. The Hall of Fame was officially launched during JUNOFEST in Winnipeg on April 1st, 2005. The Manitoba Aboriginal music night celebration took place a t the Historic Burton Cummings Theatre.

The Hall of Fame honours the accomplishments of Manitoba’s talented Aboriginal recording artist and their outstanding contributions made to enrich the musical landscape of Manitoba.

Hall of Fame Display Cases at NCI-FM

Will exist for the purpose of raising the profile of accomplished Aboriginal musicians and chronicle their careers for all future generations and to recognize Manitobans that have made an outstanding contribution to the music created within the Aboriginal Community.

Will encourage emerging voices within the Aboriginal community to pursue a career or to enter the music field.

Will induct a new individual into the Hall of Fame at each annual “NCI Jam” amateur talent showcase.

The Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame was created as a joint initiative between Native Communications Incorporated (NCI-FM) and the generous support of the Province of Manitoba. The Hall of Fame also recognizes the support of the Honourable Eric Robinson, Minister of Manitoba  Culture, Heritage and Tourism.

For initial launch of the Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame, a volunteer committee selected the first five inaugural inductees. The five inductees were selected to reflect the many musical legacies that currently exist within Manitoba.