Here are the facts:

There is only one commercial radio station in Manitoba that reaches over 96% of the province total population.  This fact makes NCI FM the fastest growing and largest listening audience amongst any radio station or network in Manitoba.  A research conducted in the fall of 2009 by Probe Research, one of Manitoba’s leading research companies, shows over 140,000 daily listens to NCI FM.  There is no radio network or station that even comes close to matching those numbers.

More about our audience from Probe Research:

Most Adults 25 -34 years of age, with 53% Male and 47% Female with over half earning over $60,000 per year.  35% have children with the average being 2.1 per household. Our audience is employed in all areas including sales, government, business, trades, transport, services, equipment operators, healthcare and social services.

What makes them unique?

When traveling to urban centers our listeners will usually spend four (4) times more than local residents.  Appliances, clothing, electronics, furniture, sporting and hunting goods, video games, cell phones, bulk groceries, buying SUV’s, minivans and new trucks, along with dirt bikes, motorcycles, quads, and all recreational vehicles.  Our listeners WILL TRAVEL 6 to 8 hours to purchase cars or other major purchase items and even further to attend events between 7 and 8 hours.

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