Africa by Toto has just been immortalized. Literally.

 In NCI News

The world’s oldest desert is now blessed. Like forever.
The Namibian Desert located in South Africa just received an installation of audio components which are set to play the popular song Toto from Africa on repeat. The song will run on solar-powered panels and will play on a loop for as long as the sun shines.

The track went Quadruple Platinum when it released in 1982 and was  2017’s most streamed song with over 441 million views on Youtube.
The actual location of the installation is kept secret but it has six speakers attached to the mp3 with just the one track on it.

The creator is Namibian Artist Mr. Siedentopf, who hopes it will last another 55 million years in the 55 million-year-old desert. Although he recognized wear and tear, he says only the most durable of items were used for the harsh environment of the 81 thousand square foot desert.

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