An Invention that probably didn’t need inventing, and some that did

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Technology is meant to move humanity forward, but this first one? It just takes us a step backwards.

I shake my head at this one; Something new, made old again. And yes, that is Jamie Lee Curtis rocking one.

Available on Amazon, for an average of about $10 to $15 dollars; it connects to your phone via headphone jack and is surprisingly function-able, and comes in various colors.




And of course as I promised; Some inventions that we didn’t even know we needed

  • Peek-A-Boo Umbrella

    Available Here.

    Pet Umbrella

I see the point of this one, but the dog will still get their dirty paws on everything they walk on.
Unless of course, you want your dog walking around like this.



Transparent Highlighter

sigh* some people are just genius.


See Through Toaster & A Mobile Toaster

These ones are just concepts, but I wish we had them.


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