Award Winning Coffee sells for $75.00 a cup

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So exclusive that only 100 pounds of it exist. 


At $800 a pound; a coffee bean grown in Panama has simultaneously taken the record for best tasting coffee as well as most expensive cup of java ever offered.

It was Bean VS Bean at The 23rd Annual Best Of Panama.
The competition puts coffee beans from all around the head to head in a competition for title of : Best Coffee

Only 100 pounds of the bean were produced and auctioned off to different countries.

The Klatch Company which is based out of America won only 10 out of said 100 pounds of Award Winning Beans.

Los Angeles and New York were among the only cities in North America to offer the “Elida Geisha 803”
The ten pounds will go on to make only 80 cups.

The Klatch Coffee company was offering to ship a cups worth of beans to an individual customer but is now sold out.
At $75 dollars for 18 grams of this bean, it would come with instructions on how to brew it.

hint* its not with a peculator.
Another Hint* you’d be considered a monster if you added sugar or whitener.


[IMAGESOURE: KlatchRoasting]
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