Bingo Banter – February 2, 2019

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Bingo Banter recap – it’s going to snow, but maybe not for too long.  It’s overcast across the province, so nobody is seeing any shadows, much less any groundhog.  Ray St. Germain said he saw his, which I think means six more batches of chili to be made by Conchita Kowalski.  Also, the Jets play later today and there’s some sort of important football game tomorrow.

The Fraud that is Brandon Bob

When it comes to Manitoba-based groundhogs to predict the weather, I thought Manitoba Merv was stretching things a bit in that Merv is a puppet.  Brandon Bob manages to go even further into absurdity by not existing.  Ever. It sounds like Bob is an off-the-cuff improvisation from 25 or so years ago that just kind of hung around.

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No Aliens, Just Interference why Key Fobs not Working in Alberta Town

The most disappointing news this week is probably from Carstairs, Alberta, where aliens have not made the presence known by disrupting people from unlocking their doors at a grocery store.  It probably never was going to be aliens, but compared to the invasion plans that extra-terrestrials have in the movies, this wouldn’t have been that bad.  Regular old earth-based interference running our imaginative fun yet again.

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The Real Deal on Cabin Fever

It’s cold, you stay inside and maybe do your best not to even look out the window.  It’s understandable, but for your own good, you should get outside a bit to do something fun.  Cabin fever, that feeling of boredom, anxiety, irritability and listlessness is a real thing.  It is easily fought off, just spend a bit of time outside.  It’s easy enough to do, just make sure you bundle up.  Frostbite is serious business in temperatures like we had last week.

Scarf, hat, mitts, jacket, boots, long johns, ski pants, sweater, heavy socks, undershirt… all that will keep you warm and toasty.  That list also serves as a good reminder of why romantic stories more often take place on a sunny summer beach.  Still, get out and fight those winter “blahs” with some outside time.

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All the best everyone, and talk to you next week! Remember to check our bingo page for details about today’s game.  If you happen to be visiting from the future (hello time traveller!) remember that the  online bingo updates aren’t archived from week to week, so this recap won’t point to the numbers that were called out for the game at the date at the top of this post.

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