Bingo Banter – February 9, 2019

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Bingo Banter time everyone!  Here’s what we know about the weather: it is still winter.  But it is a slightly happier time of winter because we’re looking at sunny skies this weekend and warm-ish temperatures in the early week.  It’s not spring, but we’re getting closer.

Also, know that the Winnipeg Jets are playing both days this weekend, some matinee action as they take on Ottawa and Buffalo.  And Ray St. Germain says he has a hand-bike for sale.  Call him on the Metis Hour x 2  for pricing.

Banana Piano

Science Fair season is coming, and some students in Kazakhstan are providing some project inspiration.  They’ve rigged up five bananas to a computer, they push a banana and it plays a note.  Couldn’t be simpler, right?  Actually, it could, and if you watch the NCI Blog over the next few weeks, I will share some easy-yet-impressive Science Fair ideas.

Check here for more.

Grandma Thwarts Robbery, Beats Suspect With Scooter

Sometimes the headline is all you need.  In this case, you should also know that the would-be-robbers had a machete and were wearing clown masks.

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Florida Expecting Mom Poses with Baby Gator

She also posed with her husband (normal), a Florida state flag (patriotic), a case of beer (maybe it’s the husband’s?), a shotgun (because at this point, why not?).  It really is a sight to behold.

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All the best everyone, and talk to you next week! Remember to check our bingo page for details about today’s game.  If you happen to be visiting from the future (hello time traveller!) remember that the  online bingo updates aren’t archived from week to week, so this recap won’t point to the numbers that were called out for the game at the date at the top of this post.


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