Bingo Banter – January 12, 2019

 In NCI News

First off, know that the Jets won last night, the weather looks like its going to be mild this weekend everywhere but the far north (sorry Churchill, looks like a blizzard for you!) and Ray St. Germain says if you gotta buy plywood, get 5/8″.

Teen Bird Boxer Crashes Car

“Predictable results” said the police when a 17 year old in Utah tried blindfolding herself while driving a vehicle.  She swerved into oncoming traffic and now officers are trying to determine if there should be charges laid.  As we all know, stupidity isn’t a crime, but reckless endangerment is.  A Darwin Award recipient to be sure.

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Pedal to the Metal for Meat in a Pita

Going 128 miles per hour will get you quite the fine no matter where you happen to be.  Unless you are on a race track, I suppose.  Maybe you might have a legitimate reason to drive more than twice the speed limit, but “I’m hungry” isn’t it.

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Twenty Years Ago – Toronto Called The Army to Shovel the Snow

Remember how we all laughed at Toronto for calling in the army because they got a bit of snow?  It’s just as funny today as it was two decades ago.  Reading what then-mayor Mel Lastman and others had to say about the situation at the time, it doesn’t seem 100% ridiculous.  Still a solid 95% ridiculous though.

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All the best everyone, and talk to you next week! Remember to check our bingo page for details about today’s game.  If you happen to be visiting from the future (hello time traveller!) remember that the  online bingo updates aren’t archived from week to week, so this recap won’t point to the numbers that were called out for the game at the date at the top of this post

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