Bingo Banter – January 19, 2019

 In NCI News

First off, it is cold today.  Very cold.  Extremely cold.  Ray St. Germain says stay active to keep warm.  I say stay indoors.  Maybe combine the best of both worlds by staying active indoors.  Also, the Winnipeg Jets play their last game before the All-Star break down in Dallas, Texas.  They opted to stay warm by leaving to somewhere warmer.

Buy a New Car with a Star Wars Toy

It has to be a special toy though, don’t just head down to Walmart and buy a random Yoda and try to exchange it for an Audi.  You have to have a mint-in-box Jawa with a vinyl cape.  Not the cloth cape, but the worse looking plastic one.  If you have one (you’d know if you did), it’s worth perhaps as much as $30,000.  Because collectors are weird.

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World’s Largest Moose No Longer in Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is locking antlers with Norway over who has the largest moose.  Mac the Moose (in Moose Jaw) has been eclipsed in size by Storelgen (in Norway) for the largest statue of a moose.  This has some people in Moose Jaw trying to find solutions to reclaim the coveted title of “Home of the Largest Statue of a Moose on Earth.”

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Couch on Ice

It’s a simple equation even the most math averse can appreciate: Tractor + Couch + Ice = Fun.  Probably shouldn’t start trying this with other furniture though, I expect there is only sadness in your life if you were to attempt this with a rocking chair or barcalounger.

All the best everyone, and talk to you next week! Remember to check our bingo page for details about today’s game.  If you happen to be visiting from the future (hello time traveller!) remember that the  online bingo updates aren’t archived from week to week, so this recap won’t point to the numbers that were called out for the game at the date at the top of this post.

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