Bingo Banter – March 9, 2019

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Bingo Banter returns with a vengeance.  OK, not really, but it is back to recap all things frivolous that get discussed during the Bingo Hour.  To start with, the weather is going to be really nice, so get out there and enjoy the winter.  We’re even looking at positive temperatures in the next week!

Also of note, Manitoba isn’t going through to the playoffs at the Brier, the Winnipeg Jets scored SO MANY goals last night to beat Carolina and Ray St. Germain was so eager to set his clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time, he did it last week.

Daylight Savings Time

Yes, it is that of year again to Spring Forward.  Lose an hour of sleep but pick it back up in the fall.  Apparently there is a whole bunch of research that suggest we don’t need to do this, but we are going to do it again anyway.

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KFC Hot Tub

In case you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be a piece of chicken inside one of the Colonel’s buckets, the good people at KFC have got you covered.  They have a crowd-funding project underway to get some hot tubs made up to look exactly like a KFC bucket.  Why they couldn’t have just used the old bucket-shaped signs, I sure don’t know.  They want $46,000 US, but so far have had a scant $335 donated.

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Nickelback argument in the U.S. Government

A Democrat from Wisconsin says people don’t like Nickelback, then a Republican from Illinois stands up and says they don’t want to offend Nickelback.  It’s a minor spat that’s the most recent in a long history of ire directed at the Canadian band.  I did not ever think it would reach the highest levels of the U.S. Government.  Maybe a school board meeting, but the House of Representatives!? Quite the achievement!

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That’s what it is called when you see this “?!” or this “!?”.  It’s a real thing, at least as real as any other non-standard punctuation mark.

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All the best everyone, and talk to you next week! Remember to check our bingo page for details about today’s game.  If you happen to be visiting from the future (hello time traveller!) remember that the  online bingo updates aren’t archived from week to week, so this recap won’t point to the numbers that were called out for the game at the date at the top of this post.

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