Bingo Fight!

 In NCI News

Did you grow up around bingo? I grew up around bingo, so much so, that I am familiar with the social cues of how the game is played and the way that these players like their cards set-up. My very first “job”, I was 7 years old at my Great Grandma’s apartment building, I would walk around the bingo hall they had set-up and collect money from players. Having this kind of pedigree, I know that sitting a player’s usual “spot” is grounds for a lickin! Or at least a stern talking to…

In Rideau Lakes, Ontario, A 79 year old woman sat in the chair usually used by an 86 year old woman at a bingo game in a seniors’ residence and FISTICUFFS ENSUED! Other people were jumping in to the point that the Ontario Provincial Police had to be called. No one was injured, but someone left with a lesson in bingo, that’s for damn sure.

No word on if the bingo game actually happened or not.

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