NCI-FM is happy to provide Manitoba with NCI’s Mini Loonie Pot Bingo, Saturday’s at 10 am on the NCI-FM Network & NOW Country 104.7FM (Winnipeg Area) with thousands of dollars in prizes given away each week! Through your support, NCI is able to maintain and expand the NCI radio network throughout Manitoba. License #625BI.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our bingo cards are available for purchase online or through Curbside pick up at certain locations. 



Diamond Mini Loonie Pot Bingo

Bingo is a fun way to start your Saturday morning! Tune in to NCI FM Radio Bingo every Saturday at 10:00 am to play our Diamond Mini Loonie Pot & Blackout Bingo games.

We play two games every Saturday morning, the first game played is the solid diamond and then we continue to play the blackout on the same card.

Scroll down below to find out where you can purchase your cards today, for only $3.00 for a 3 to view!

Solid Diamond Mini Loonie Game

HOW TO PLAY: You must complete the solid diamond (the shaded area on your cards) which consists of the middle “B”, the 3 inside “I’s”, all 4 “N’s”, the 3 inside “G’s”, the middle “O” in order to win the game.

HOW TO WIN: Five (5)Mini Loonie numbers will be drawn 15 minutes prior to the start of the game as follows:

One “B”, One “I”, One “N”, One “G”, One “O”  …write them down because those numbers go back into the machine.

To win the Mini Loonie Jackpot…you must complete the solid diamond on the last number called with one of the 5 loonie numbers called prior to the current Saturday’s game.

**If you do not win on a Mini Loonie Number you would then get the consolation prize.

Players must contact NCI by noon on the next business day following the Saturday bingo in order to claim a prize.

HOW TO CLAIM A BINGO:  Call 204-224-2273 between the hours of 10:30am-11:30am on Saturdays or Monday Mornings (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) from 8:30am-11:59am.


For the SATURDAY, April 13, 2024, the Mini Loonie Jackpot is $500,000.00, and the consolation prize carryover is $8,500.00.

Card Color should be: GREEN

**2nd Accumulator Jackpot is for $147,342.00

Mini Loonie Numbers

B06,  I22,  N41,  G53,  O64



Blackout (Full house) Game 

BINGO_FULLThe second game is the blackout bingo for April 13, 2024 is a prize of $2,000.00 for completing the full card in 50 numbers or less. This game has a consolation prize of $1,500.00.

**The winner of both bingo games is determined by the person who would bingo in the fewest numbers needed to complete the pattern.

For a Recap phone number call 1-866-677-0808. License #BI-625

♦ = Where the Diamond Game was won
= Where the Black-Out Game was won


Through your support NCI is able to maintain and expand the NCI radio network throughout Manitoba.

License #BI-625


For a list of all the bingo prize totals please see Bingo Winners below on this page.


Bingo Winners For:

Saturday, April 06, 2024


Consolation Prize Winners on the Solid Diamond were: 

Angel Nepinak – Skownan, MB

Donna Thaddeus – Fisher River, MB


They Each Won: $4,200.00


The Consolation Blackout winner was: 


Maeva Bradley – Stony Mountain, MB



She Won: $1,500.00 











The Bingo Numbers below will be from April 06, 2024

1. I2416. G5531. G5146. O6461. XX
2. B0817. B1232. G5247. B0262. XX
3. I29 18. B1533. I2148. I2263. XX
4. G5019. I2834. I30 ♦49. B0664. XX
5. O6820. G4735. BO750. G5465. XX
6. N3621. B1336. N3451. N3766. XX
7. I2322. N3937. O7452. O70 ■67. XX
8. O6323. B0938. I2653. XX 68. XX
9. B1024. N4139. O7554. XX 69. XX
10. G4625. G5940. I2755. XX 70. XX
11. G5826. N4241. B0156. XX 71. XX
12. G5627. B0542. I1657. XX 72. XX
13. N4528. N3143. O7258. XX73. XX
14. I1829. O7144. N3359. XX74. XX
15. N3830. I1745. I1960. XX75. ■ ♦