The No Stone Unturned free concert in honor of all Manitoba’s Missing & Murdered. This years concert will be held this Saturday, July 27th at St. John’s Park from 1:00pm-11:00pm. There will [...]

Free Provincial Park admission

No vehicle pass required, with free entry July 20th to the 22nd. It’s in celebration of Provincial Parks Day. Camping fees still apply though.   [IMAGESOURCE:WpgForFree]

Longest Word ever

At 189,819 letters; its more than all the words in the dictionary, which is just 171,476 words. It is the Chemical name of titin, the largest known protein. Though it is technical, and disputed [...]

It’s All Just Words

171,476 words make up the English language. Here are some in an order that will possibly make you laugh

Garth’s Groaner – Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Uncle Billy is a bit short on cash these days, and wasn’t able to pay his water bill.  He ended up getting his service cut off because of it. I sent him a “get well soon” card.

Saturday's Winning Bingo Numbers

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