3 Names On Pace For The Baseball HOF

As a big baseball fan, specifically a big fan of baseball in the 1990’s and 2000’s, it makes me feel OLD when I see players that I idolized get inducted into the Hall of Fame, specifically Ken [...]

The Centre Of Canada

Dubbed as the Longitudal Centre of Canada; this adventure is not even that far away. Travel on the Trans-Canada Highway East for a good thirty minutes or so, and you will find a big ol’ [...]

One Chicken to rule them all

The competition for the cities best tasting fried chicken is on! Every year, the last week of January a competition ensues for the best bird in the city, but it can only be fried. From January [...]

Bingo Banter – January 19, 2019

First off, it is cold today.  Very cold.  Extremely cold.  Ray St. Germain says stay active to keep warm.  I say stay indoors.  Maybe combine the best of both worlds by staying active indoors.  [...]

Throwback to 100 years ago

With the intelligent toilet, or the self lacing shoes with buttons on them being some of this years deadliest inventions, It got me thinking about what was the invention one hundred years ago. In [...]

Shoes of the future

Navigating the world of shoes can be quite the tedious task, especially since there’s literally thousands of different styles you can choose from. In this world of shoes, Nike continues to [...]

Saturday's Winning Bingo Numbers

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