Blue Rodeo Video Premiere: “It’s In Our Nature To Fly”

January 31st, 2014 at 11AM is your chance to watch the short film “It’s In Our Nature To Fly” directed by Juno-Award winner Christopher Mills. The short film is based on Blue Rodeo’s latest album “In Our Nature”. NCI is your place to watch the live premiere, the video link below will become active at 11AM CT.

“After spending close time with the band, shooting and rehearsing all these great songs, the idea developed to try to make a video that encapsulated the feel for the ALBUM, rather than just the songs. I shared this with the team, and was encouraged to ‘run with it’.

In Our NatureBlue Rodeo and their team make it very easy to work in a relaxed and comfortable environment, to get and be inspired, and to run with creative ideas. For this project, one of our goals was to be as non-invasive and, in some ways, out of control of the shoot as possible – to give the musicians the space to forget the cameras were around to be themselves, and then build the project around the findings of a few days of shooting.

Thankfully, the support and resources were in a place to help me expand and evolve the project, and so, we now have a ‘music video’ style project, which condenses two songs and a few of the narrative elements which THEN ties back into a completely separate, (much longer) ALBUM FILM, which uses mood, performance, a bit of imagination, and a mixture of real life and story elements to try to reflect the great spirit of these sessions, and to deliver a “sampler plate” of this well crafted album.” – Chris Mills (Director)

Blue Rodeo 2“He has such a unique eye and style. When asked to do a video mash up of two Blue Rodeo songs he came back with an 18 minute opus. Part narrative, part abstract and all beautiful to look at; the video rewards multiple viewings. A truly wonderful piece of work.” – Jim Cuddy

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