Burger King gets their own version of the Big Mac, but not really

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Over in Europe the fast food chain giant McDonald’s recently lost their trademark license to call their signature burger “the Big Mac”.

The decision came from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, after determining that McDonald’s had not proven genuine use of the phrase “Big Mac”.

It also favors a local fast food chain named Supermac’s after their expansion was blocked by the McDonald’s trademarked name Big Mac.

What this all means is that its open season for whoever wants to call their burgers a Big Mac.

Burger King has taken the opportunity to troll McDonald’s in a way that’s super hilarious.
They now have a menu, named “not big macs”, which include:
• The Like a Big Mac, But Actually Big
• The Kind of Like a Big Mac, But Juicier and Tastier
• The Burger Big Mac Wished It Was
• The Anything But a Big Mac
• The Big Mac-ish But Flame Grilled of Course

They even went as far as to release an advert on the new burgers:

[Image Source:BurgerKing]
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