Canada’s gifts to the world

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Canada’s famous for inventing a lot of cool things, like the instant replay or even maple syrup, but we are responsible for so much more.
Compiled here, are some things maybe you didn’t know we’re responsible for. 

-Peanut butter
Patented in 1884, it was meant as an alternative to those who couldn’t chew their food


-Pizza Pops
It was invented right here in the city of Winnipeg in 1964

The year is 1854 and people from all around the world are doing the math to figure out what distance traveled between each wheel revolution; A Canadian man beat everyone to it, including former American President Benjamin Franklin.

-The egg carton
In 1911, a newspaper editor finds a solution for eggs always being delivered broken from farmer to a hotel owner.


-The electric wheelchair
It’s 1952, George Klein would go on to become known as one the most productive inventors in all of Canada. He’s responsible for the first micro surgical staple gun, as well as aircraft skis, and the zeep nuclear reactor which was the stepping stone for identifying ground covered snow.

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