Chindogu: Almost completely useless

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In Japan, a movement is known as Chindogu, [CHIN-DOE-GOO] sees the invention of almost completely useless items.

The idea is that the item can solve one problem, but at the same time causes more inconvenience than its worth.

Strict Rules are enforced for something to be named a Chindogu.

  • They include being almost competently useless, which means if you use it often, and it actually helps you? it doesn’t count.
  • It must exist: not just a plan on paper, it has to be physical. Humans have to experience just how useless it can be.
  • It must be almost useless for everyone: which means you can’t just specialize it on doctors or lawyers. it must be universally almost useless.
  • It can not be profited from. No selling these ideas, or giving them patents
  • Must be without prejudice: again, no focusing on just one race or, one profession.


Ok, now time for some examples:



Noodle cooler


Eye Dropper



Finger Toothbrush




Lipstick Guide





Subway sleeper


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