Clothes from Flour sacks

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The late 19th century seen the recycling of flour sacks as clothes and other items, such as rags, and disposable aprons.

The materials used were fairly fine, as the sacks were designed to hold flour.

The flour companies heard about the customers re-using the sacks as clothing; and so, invested in this idea by including patterns and different colors.

Families could be identified by the patterns they wore. This because the mother would fashion clothes from sacks for the whole family.

This is all around the time of the great depression, where new stuff is hardly afforded.


A small book on tricks of how to sew the bags:






Sacks where the ink could come off:


Some of the more nicer dresses that came from this active recycling:

It was all the rage!


Today we get flour in paper bags, but in the days of old they were distributed in fine woven cotton materials.


Here’s a family with their flour sack clothing:


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