CRTC’s Internet Access Decision

Following a decision approved by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, some community leaders are speaking out about broadband Internet access being declared a basic service across the country, including Grand Chief Sheila North Wilson. Grand Chief North Wilson welcomes this decision.

Many northern Manitoba communities are without access to internet, some use spotty cellphone and some have no connection whatsoever, and North Wilson welcomes the change. “Not to say that technology is the end-all and the be-all, because there are some people that don’t want any part of it and are quite comfortable being away from technology in our communities,but for day-to-day business and accessibility to the rest of the world, it’s high time we received this connectivity in our communities.”

The change affects more than just people wanting to surf the net, a lot of input from the CRTC Trial for the decision was based off of northern organizations and businesses.
“We have, for example many artisans or people that offer services that could be out there more if there was better connectivity,” said North Wilson.

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