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I reached into my thought archive to revive some good laughs.





A hamburger has no front, or back,  that is until you bite it.



The fact that breathing is done automatically, just means our brain does not trust us to do it on our own.



If you water, water. It grows


The goal of school is to get out of school. go figure.



Isn’t it funny how you can slap some sense into someone but at the same time slap the sense out of them.


In elementary school kids play red light, green light.
If you drive vehicles, your still playing, but this time in traffic.



No matter which way you think about it, popcorn is explosive.


Sometimes it pains me that I’ll never know what my pet named me.


Shaggy & Scooby risk it for the biscuit.


your pet, my pet, everyone’s pet, don’t know their adopted.


It’s impossible to buy a new mirror, it will always be used.



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