Dolly Parton’s Song Universe

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Let’s have a bit of fun and see what happens if Dolly Parton’s songs were all somehow connected.

“Joshua” would end up dating “Jolene”.  She really liked it when he brought her “Yellow Roses”.

We know he had a good “9 to 5” job, and they no doubt would have got married when he said let’s “Tie Our Love (in a Double Knot)”.

They’d spend their “Rocking Years” in a house “Two Doors Down” from “My Tennessee Mountain Home”.

But that would end when he bought that tacky “Coat of Many Colors” from “The Bargain Store”.

She’d divorce him for that, and because he was a “Dumb Blonde”.

So then she’d be looking for a “Potential New Boyfriend” while he’s riding the “Heartbreak Express” and looking for “Single Women” on Tinder from his crappy apartment somewhere “Downtown”.


P.S. – Why’d You Come in here Looking Like That?

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