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While wearing the ‘Smart Dress’,  three women were inappropriately touched a whopping 157 times in just four hours!! That works out to about 40 times per HOUR. Surprised or not really?

Swiss beverage company Schweppes and Brazilian ad agency Ogilvy teamed up on the “Dress for Respect,” a sensor-equipped smart dress that tracks every time someone touches the wearer.


3 women tested the dress in a Brazillian nightclub and the results were staggering!


When a man touches a women wearing the smart dress on her upper arm, the same area lights up on the dress on the control unit’s computer screen.  Not only do the sensors track touch, but the also track intensity of the touch.

At the end of the night, men from the party were invited to watch footage of the women being groped while wearing their “smart dress.”

Surprisingly, they seemed completely shocked by what went on.  Women on the other hand, were not surprised at all.

Are you shocked?  ***Jordan Knight xoxo


Check out the video:



Read more:https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2018/11/29/18118402/ogilvy-schweppes-smart-dress-harassment

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