Elon Musk takes Jokes to a whole new level.

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Self Deprecating Humor well done, can be really funny. In this case? It’s at a level not seen before in the world.




Is there anything this man isn’t capable of?


As the creator of PayPal,  he’s now making electric cars and now the CYBERTRUCK under Tesla, all while inventing and innovating new ways of space travel. You think that’s it?


Not even, as we say in the rez.



The rockets he’s launching are all part of a huge project to get satellites to space, the objective? to beam down internet all over North America by the end of year using a planned 12,000 satellites.

The launching has already commenced of those and will continue on a scheduled basis of every two weeks for the rest of the year.

These are the trails of lights you have seen, and will continue to see in the skies all over Canada and the States.



Now for that joke you clicked for.




Definitely one way to make money off of a failure LOL









If this doesn’t make sense to you, it is the glass shatter spot of his failed demonstration.
The CyberTruck made its debut and was said to have Bullet Proof window panes.
Here is that failed Demo:













Right on Elon, way to stay relevant.





Just in case your seeing for the first time the CyberTruck, Here’s yet another video of it in action:





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