Evolution will take back what it has given…Eventually.

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I am talking of course about the pinky toe.
In human evolution, the Darwin theory states that we came from our lesser evolved cousins.
If this is true, than in fact humans at one time in history used their toes as we use our hands; to grab things.

Since that time, we have invented rubber shoes, which came out at the end of the 18th century. I imagine before that time, toes would be free to wiggle.
These days however, you have to have wide fit shoes if you want that extra wiggle room.

With evolution giving and taking away functionality from different things, if its not useful it just goes away over generations and generations of time.

With this idea in mind, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on feet; The giving and taking of evolution.
They predicted that over several generations, humans will lose their pinky toe.

This is of course is all predictions based off of walking patterns.
There is no actual facts that would support this claim but what it comes down to is evolution at its core.

Take for instance, evidence shows that humans in past generations used the middle of the feet for balance, which meant they used the pinky for balance.

These days, the balance line is more near the big toe, and with pinkys being squeezed into shoes the way they do, its not that hard to see how the “experts” would arrive at that conclusion.

As closing thoughts on this article, I thought I’d share the fact that Nike also arrived at this exact same conclusion; that the pinky toe is just being squeezed into oblivion.
The Nike study concluded that Native American peoples feet are wider than those who do not have native American  descent and have released a whole new line of shoe based on this fact alone.

They call it N7, but of course its athletic oriented and always with limited stock.
Here’s a picture to save you a google search:

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