Facts You Learned in School That Are No Longer True

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Not sure when you graduated, but there are things we’ve learned in school that are no longer valid…say it isn’t so!

If you’ve been home schooling your kids recently because of the pandemic, there are probably things you’ve come across and you think you’re losing your mind.  You’re not! Yeah, there might be some stuff you have forgotten, but in other cases, they’ve switched things up.

So we all KNOW Columbus didn’t discover America, but what did they teach you in school? Do you remember hearing we only use 10% of our brain? That’s false too.


Here are some other things we may believe are true:

Neanderthals were not that bright-false.  Napoleon was short, we’ve all heard that story-not really true. You are left brained or right brained-yeah, not so much.


What about these? Are they true or false?

Dinosaurs are extinct

We only have 5 senses

Your tongue has a taste map

A swallowed piece of gum takes 7 years to digest. I know some of y’all believe that

Hair and finger nails continue to grow after you die

Did you learn that “ROYGBIV” was the colour line-up in a rainbow?

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb

George Washington had wooden teeth


These are all FALSE!!!!! Find out why, when and how it changed.



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