Fiber optic internet announced for first three Northern First Nations

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It’s official, Northern Manitoba First Nations are getting fiber optic high speed internet.
Clear Sky Connections is the company spearheading this project and have been fighting for this day for years now.

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NELSON HOUSE), NORWAY HOUSE, and Pimicikamak (CROSS LAKE) will be the first to receive the high speed connections.


The communities are chosen because of the close proximity of other First Nations Communities, so as to connect them easier when the technology does arrive.

The Project has been under the works for 10 years now, so this is definitely a deed to celebrate.
Construction is set to finish by the end of the calendar year.

From personal memory, I do believe that the company is not the one to actually offer the service, but rather to only give the capability to host such a connection.

Clear Sky brings in the capability, than I do believe it will be up to the community itself to implement the changes and create new jobs in the process.

For a little comparison, basic cable internet puts download speeds at about 25 to 100 megabits per second.
Fiber optic on the other hand offers up to 100 gigabytes download speeds.

It takes a 1000 megabits to make one gigabit, so you can imagine the speed jump.
Basically from a crawl to a bullet train.






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