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Taking something random and having a problem with it. Things that sometimes have no business existing like phrases or words.

A Million Miles Away

Why? just why?
Not only did this saying persevere, but it also made into Sooo many songs!

Take for instance the one that comes to mind,
Jim Boyd -a million miles away.
The song was made famous for featuring on the indigenous classic film ‘Smoke Signals”
It has lyrics like
“lets rent a car and drive it a Million miles away.”




Ok, so here’s my bone to pick.

A Million Miles away is in the middle of space!

Earth is only 24,860 miles around the equator, or just over 40,000 kilometers.

With this in mind, the moon is only a few hundred thousand miles away, and the closest planet is Mars which is 140 Million miles away.

So, in reality if someone did decide to go a Million miles away, they would end up in the nowhere space.

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