Finally! A practial solution to snoring!

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It’s the year 2019 and still, there is no technology to help us find remotes.

There is, however, a new technology that helps eliminate snoring completely.

It’s called the Snore circle and is worn like a blue-tooth earpiece.


Using audio cues and vibrations the device picks those up and activates micro signals to send to the brain to reduce or completely stop snoring.

The product is featured in a crowdfunding website called IndieGogo where people chip in money to get peoples ideas out into the world.

The Snore circles idea has been around since 2016 and went through two different versions, with this years being the final and most effective model.

Extensive research was done on how similar Blue-tooth headsets rested on different shapes of  the ear, so you can bet your getting the most smartest, comfortable effective product you can get.

Available now. Here, starting $159.


If you don’t like the idea of sleeping with that thing in your ear, it also comes like this:


or even in this form:

Just in case you wanted a breakdown for how this thing works. here ya go.

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