Garth’s Groaner – Wednesday, May 22, 2019

 In NCI News

I don’t know if you heard about this over the long weekend, but there was a flight that wasn’t going to make it over the ocean and the pilot had to land it in the water.

This is obviously a problem, but planes have emergency boats for this very reason.  However, the passengers were a bit hesitant to leave the plane.

When the pilot heard this, word went out to the flight crew to tell the Americans that getting on the boat will be an adventure; to tell the English that it is an honour; tell the French that it will be romantic; to tell the Germans that it is the law; and to tell the Japanese that it is an order

And that seemed to work, but there were still two people yet to get on the boat.

News of this situation made it back to the pilot who asked where these two were from.

It turns out that they were Canadians, and from Winnipeg no less.

“In that case,” said the pilot, “tell them that it’s free.”

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