Garth’s Groaners – January 29 – February 1, 2019

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Another week of Garth’s Groaners for you, just in case you missed any.


What is the best kind of pan for Sushi?


The house of commons resumed sitting yesterday, and top of business was further converting Canada to the metric system. No more will we be able to talk about bigfoot, he is now to be known as bigmeter.


What is the least spoken language in the world?
Sign Language.


Uncle Billy has a new band, he’s calling it Lost Cat.  You maybe haven’t heard their music, but their posters are everywhere.


The Super Bowl is this weekend, so I think it’s important you know about a rather obscure rule that the NFL has: players are not permitted to own ducks. It’s considered to be a personal fowl.

Web Exclusive Humour Intended Image!

When you're eating sunflower seeds and you get a seed withouth the shell

Seriously, that’s the best.  I know that you can buy a whole bag of already shelled seeds, but that’s really not the point.  And they just taste so much better when they slip in with those still in the shell.

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