Garth’s Groaners – March 4-8, 2019

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Let’s get to it – more Garth’s Groaners!  The first full week in a while too!


How does a Buck love a Doe?


So at the Barack Obama talk last night, there was a warm up act.

And I don’t remember her name, but she’s a Mexican magician that I suppose the former president met somewhere in the States and he’s touring with her.

Or maybe he met her while in Mexico, it’s not really important where they met, but she is indeed Mexican.

Anyway, she gets to her last trick and she say’s going to make herself disappear on the count of three.

So she starts counting… “Uno… Dos….”

And then she disappears without a Tres.


I’m trying my hand at writing some poetry.  Here’s my first go around: “I dig, you dig, we dig, they dig, he digs, she digs.”

It isn’t very long, but I think it is rather deep.


The weather has been hard as of late, but cheer up!  I was looking at the Farmer’s Almanac, and it seems like summer will happen on a weekend this year.


How do Vikings send secret messages?
The use Norse code.

Web Exclusive Humour Intended Image!

And there we go!  Five gold-plated jokes on this week’s edition of Garth’s Groaners.

If you are looking for more, you can always check last week’s edition.  And that will have to hold you until the middle of next week since I won’t be around on Monday or Tuesday.  See you then!

And if you have a joke you’d like me to consider for a future edition of Garth’s Groaners, send it to me by email at


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