Get lost, but never lose yourself!

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2019 just got a whole lot better for the bro downs at festivals and concerts. 

A new technology releasing this year is aimed at friends who get separated from each other at big events, such as concerts or festivals.
The truth is though, the technology goes so much farther than just using them at big events.

The product is called Lynq and is in development on a crowdfunding site and is being regarded as one of the top technologies to be released this year.

It requires no subscription, no fee’s, no apps, no networks, its all wireless and has a range of up to 5 kilometers depending on topography.

Working like a compass, the device gives real time location updates and distance.
It boasts a 3 day battery life, on a single charge, and can connect up to 12 devices.
It’s being designed with outdoor use in mind, so its made of very durable materials, and claim to be military tested.

The product also has a feature that allows you to set up meet up zones, that can even double as a safe zone, that gives you a notifications if you leave that designated zone.

As of today, they’re only available for pre-order, but reportedly  already have orders for over 20,000 units.
The site hosting the product also reports that this one of the most successful crowd funded products the site has seen.

A single unit will set you back $150.00, with two units coming in at $298.00, and a pack of 4 setting you back $596.00.
Though at the time of this article, all of those prices are reduced by 30%.
Pre-order now and shipments will begin in July.

Perfect for peace of mind in malls with children, or in fields of bush with your pets.

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