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A day to celebrate! 


There are only 365 days in a year, yet we celebrate over 1500 things within those days.

Today we celebrate five of those things.



National I Love Horses day:

With over 200 breeds, they are companions, Major helpers, and the way we measure how strong our vehicles are. Magnificent creatures well deserved of their day.

The largest-ever is Big Jake. He stands at 6 feet, 10 inches, or 210 cms.




Thumbelina is the world’s smallest horse. She stands at just 1 foot, 4 inches, or 43 cm’s


 Bonus: Big Jake meets Thumbelina

I can’t imagine what was going through their heads…

Ok moving on, horses are not the only reason why we’re here.




National Give Something Away Day

What better way to do your daily good deed. Just in case you needed a reason.

A food bank maybe? paying it forward at a drive-through, those free coffee coupons, something you may not use as much. Just a few ideas.



National Pet Fire Safety Day

Pets are family just like any other family member.
Some tips include:

  • Using flameless candles
  • Not allowing pets around the kitchen stoves when cooking
  • Never leave a pet unattended with an open flame (campfire)




National Tapioca Pudding Day

Not like any food needs a reason to be celebrated…
I can’t say I’ve tried it. Don’t think I will. Not today anyway.





National Get Out Of The Dog House Day

This one means it can be used as a get out of jail card if used correctly. The internet says so.
some tips include:

  • Face to face apologies
  • Flowers or gifts
  • Listening to how you ended up in the dog house in the first place and how the situation can be improved.



There ya go, things which National days are dedicated to.

[IMAGESOURCE: Wikipedia]
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