Gone Pickin’

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“I’ve got a bone to pick”, But what it really is; is a reality check.

Tomatoes are fruit. It is a fact of life.

It’s called ketchup, but technically its jam.

Why don’t we use jam the same way we use ketchup?

Why don’t we use ketchup the same way we do with jam?

With that in mind; Knowledge is knowing the tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

So, I dug deeper and asked the question.



“Whats the difference between a fruit and vegetable?”


We as humans have the power to do many things. Why can’t me make this one thing, another thing?

Almost anything is possible.
( I say “almost anything” because you can’t stand backwards on a staircase)

But then again why go through all this effort?


I got a little too curious here and went and answered one of my questions?
I googled tomato jam, and the result convinced me why we don’t use tomatoes as jam.
It is just not that appealing.

This is my bone to pick for the day

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