Google maps adds a very useful feature for your cruise!

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Everyone dislikes speed cameras and getting those speeding tickets in the mail. Well a new feature from Google Maps aims to help you with that.
In today’s modernization of smartphones, we almost never go anywhere without GPS, so now when you use your GPS to get to point A to point B, it will now give you voice notifications about upcoming areas with photo radar.

Not only that, but the new features will allows users to see speed limits, as well as mobile speed cameras on the map before they start their trip.

However, what should be noted is that fixed cameras are usually only one way – North/South, and that the notification will still come up if you are coming from a East/West street.

The number of collisions in an area is the main factor in which streets receive photo radar installations.

Police report that when these areas receive these installations, collision reports reduce up to 50%.

Already featured on Google Maps is an option to report a crash/accident, and the new features will mirror this for reporting mobile speed traps.

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